Fitness Action for Yoga balls
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Action 1: Raise the ball to your chest with both hands and rotate your upper body. This action can be stretched to the arm, waist, hips and legs, movement from slow to fast, is the whole Qiucao warm-up action.

Action points: In the hands must be raised flat ball in the chest, if the two arms droop, can not be very good to produce motion effect.

Action 2: Two feet and a jump, both hands holding the ball in the air circle. The main purpose of the action is to stretch the body, the maximum possible stretch of the body muscles, but also can exercise to the abdomen.

Action point: Try to stretch the body most substantially, otherwise the effect is not significant.

Action 3: This action joins the Latin style dance steps, the one hand holds aloft, the hand holds the ball lightly knocks the buttocks. A blend of Latin unrestrained and charming, jumping up very interesting, small ball gently hit on the hips, it is said that there is the effect of relaxing muscles oh.

Action point: Hold Your hand as close as possible to your body.

Action 4: Hands on your hips, the small yoga ball sandwiched between the size of the legs, do open, close the action.

This action needs to maintain a high level of balance of the body, the angle of the ball is better than the standard 90 degrees, although the action is difficult, but the effect of the hips is remarkable! Action points: Leg action slowly do, keep the body stable and balanced.

Action 5: This action should be done on the yoga mat. Lie flat on a yoga mat, do leg lifting, and use the yoga ball in your hand to reach your knees, get your knees down, and lift your arms. The action not only exercises the abdomen, but also exercises the muscles on your arm.

Action points: flat legs to straighten