Introduction to Yoga Balls
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Yoga balls are also known as fitness balls or yoga fitness balls.

It is a kind of ball sports tool with sports and fitness.

Material is made of soft PVC material, when the human body in contact with, the internal inflatable fitness ball will be evenly stroked the body's contact area to create a massage effect, has a strong elasticity, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation.

Ball Yoga is a new type of fitness movement which combines the elasticity and the rolling nature of the ball according to the traditional yoga posture method.

Ball Yoga has many advantages, not only to help us to effectively strengthen the body, but also the effect of weight loss, and this exercise is particularly suitable for women, slim shape, perfect more beautiful lines. Compared to traditional yoga, "ball Yoga" is more interesting, it can be used to help exercise the balance of the body, enhance the control of muscle, improve the flexibility and coordination of the body.

Increase the difficulty by adding motion on the sphere. Using a yoga ball, you can also do a lot of stretching exercise, not only to avoid muscle soreness, as well as massage, when the person with the ball in full contact, it will be good for the body massage.

To achieve a soothing tension effect. However, the use of yoga balls for beginners is more difficult, it takes a certain amount of time to practice to the big ball to play flexible, which requires more practice.

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