The role of Yoga balls
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The main role of yoga balls: 

1, Yoga ball sports suitable for all people to exercise, including those who need rehabilitation treatment, it makes the exercise more safe, avoid the joint caused by strong impact, avoid sports injuries.

Some people who have a lumbar back injury may not be able to do sit-ups because of injury on their back, but when doing yoga ball exercise, they can use soft yoga balls to help exercise and play a supporting role. 

2, Yoga ball sports have a very strong interest. In the exercise of ordinary device movement, such as treadmill, sit-ups, the player can only use a long time to repeat a few movements to burn calories, which makes the exercise process is very boring, boring. Yoga Qiucao has changed the way it used to train, allowing the sport to play with the ball with a lively and unrestrained music.

Sports people sometimes sit on the ball, and sometimes raise their balls to do jumping movements, these interesting movements make the whole process extremely entertaining. 

3, Yoga ball movement helps to train the body's balance ability. In the past, exercise was carried out on the ground or in highly stable equipment, and the movement did not have to think too much about the balance of the body. While the yoga ball is different, the sports person uses the yoga ball to leave the ground, for example: sits on the ball is a kind of balance exercise, raises one leg, the balance difficulty increases a point. It is harder to move the raised leg slightly.

While doing the legs on the ball on the hands to do push-ups, the movement to complete the action of the arms, the first to maintain the balance of the body, do not let the ball rolling, you have to rely on the legs, waist, abdominal force to control, which makes the coordination of the body and muscle control ability has been effective training. 

4, the Yoga ball movement has the massage function.

The highest level of yoga ball is a combination of people and the ball, yoga Qiucao action designed to achieve full contact with the body and the sphere, and the yoga ball is made of soft PVC material, when the human body in contact with it, the internal inflatable yoga ball will evenly touch the body's contact area to produce massage effect, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation. 

5. Correct your posture. When the person sits on the ball, the body is not relaxed, and your back, hips, knees and other parts are constantly making subtle adjustments so that you can maintain balance. These subtle adjustments contribute to the blood circulation of the intervertebral discs in the spine, reinforcing the strength of the back. By adjusting your body weight and balance at any time, increase the movement of the spine, enhance the strength of the back, and maintain the correct posture. At the same time, using the elasticity of the yoga ball can also correct their posture.

Therefore, sitting on the yoga ball, the movement will involuntarily upright, shoulder to back, this is the body to prevent falling off the instinctive response, is also a correct posture.