Yoga balls Four-style
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Yoga Ball is a very good slimming tool, can effectively help the body stretching, high safety, while it has a certain weight bearing can also achieve the purpose of exercise muscle.

Skillfully use yoga ball to lose weight and upright posture

One, standing posture: 

1. One leg is pressed on the fitness ball, the arms of the arms are bent across the back of the head, and the whole body slowly stretches to the left, repeating several times and changing sides.

Exercises the waist, and has the function of the thin leg and the arm. 

2. Split the legs as far as possible, lift the left arm, slowly extend the body to the right, hold the ball in the right hand until the left arm is parallel to the ground, take a deep breath and remain in position for a few seconds.

This action can increase the strength of the entire back of the waist.

Second, the upper body lying on the ball: 

1. Support the ground with your hands straight, legs close together, stretch your back, lift one leg to the highest possible position, and put it down for the other side.

Has the function of the thin leg, the thin buttock. 

2. Place the upper body in the position of the ball square, with both hands propped up, legs separate, slowly lift a leg until parallel to the ground, keep posture for a few seconds, repeat the side.

It can tighten the hips and leg muscles.

Three, sitting on the ball: 

1. Legs close together, hands up, ten fingers relative, deep breathing, belly chest, the whole body try to lift upward.

Thin waist belly, upright posture. 

2. Separate legs, do splits posture, arms straight, hands from the chest to hold the fitness ball upward, take a deep breath, the body center of gravity as far back as possible, keep posture for a few seconds.

It can be a good way to subtract excess fat from the waist, leg, and arm parts. 

3. Lift up one leg and keep it parallel to the ground while lifting your arms to hold the posture for a few seconds. Slowly put your legs and arms down again, repeat them several times, and then change your legs.

It is good for tightening the gluteal muscles and can be slender arms.

Four, lying on the ground: The legs close together, the left leg placed on the fitness ball, the right leg bow and the ground to maintain vertical, the upper body upward lift, and left leg in a straight line. Take a deep breath and hold posture for a few seconds. can enhance the flexibility of the whole body.