Choice Of Yoga Mats
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Yoga mats are divided into several materials, common in flax, TPE and PVC. These two kinds of cushions: can be recycled to avoid environmental pollution. The main soft, fit perfectly, tiled floor, the grip is very strong. Each mat of TPE is about 1200 grams weight, 300 grams lighter than PVC, so it is easy to carry.

Waterproof and anti-slip, even if sweating, on the above to practice the smooth effect is still good!

However, TPE mat price is very expensive, (this depends on the needs of everyone) if the cost-effective view, PVC cushion economy, more affordable. First, but also the most important, is from the end of the mat (after the mat roll up) to see if there is a very uniform air bubbles, gas and even the best!

This shows that the foaming hair is good. 

1. Take a yoga mat first do not open, with the nose to smell the top of the mat. See if there is a pungent smell.

Generally good yoga mat will not have too much flavor, open and put to two days, can be a small amount of flavor emitted out! If after a long time, the taste is still not scattered, then it is possible that the quality of this mat is not clear, long-time use will cause harm to the body. 

2. Feel it with your hands, see if it sinks, if it is heavy, it may not be the PVC foaming technology, is the raw material piled up. (generally are about 2.5 kilograms, yoga mat is 1.5 kg) PVC foaming technology, excellent elasticity, stepping on it will soon be back to the original! and the other craft, stepped over a long time can not play up.

The gap between this process is large, which is one of the biggest reasons for the price gap. 

3. After opening carefully look at the workmanship, whether fine, the general domestic mat work very rough. Some are just one-sided foaming, touching the ground side is not anti-skid design!. There are sellers to the mat when the yoga mat sell, we have to eyes peeled.

4. Gently push the surface of the yoga mat with the palm, to have a dry feeling, if the yoga mat surface foaming agent is too much to have a slippery feeling, then in the above practice will be easy to slip, fall hurt. (However, like some of Taiwan's good yoga mats, just start with a layer of antibacterial layer, sweat will find some slippery, but do not worry, this layer gradually receded, the effect of anti-slip revealed!) But the domestic mat will not be, and will always slide down like this.

5. Everyone try to choose 6mm thick. For example, do some knee-to-ground movements, there is no pain feeling.