Precautions For Yoga Mats
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The choice of yoga mats to be targeted, generally beginning yoga practitioners, you can choose a thick cushion, such as 6mm thick, domestic size for 173x61; there is a certain basis can choose thickness of 3.5mm ~5mm or so; it is recommended to buy a mat of more than 1300 grams (because some manufacturers ' mats steal material for cheap). Most classrooms now offer so-called "public pads", which are common yoga mats used in class. Some teachers will even lay a layer of protective mat in the classroom, we will not have to use the mat in class. Most of the students do not want to carry a cushion to work, class run to run, and use this male pad. 

However, if you want to learn a friend for a period of time, it is best to use their own cushions, on the one hand can be cleaned, more hygienic, but also according to personal situation to pick a suitable mat. 

There are two ways to choose a mat: Select according to individual needs, or by material. In terms of individual needs, this is considered to be the form of yoga, because different factions of yoga, the learning focus is different, the needs will be very dissimilar. 

If the study is based on the flexibility of training-based yoga, most of the time is sitting on the mat, then the cushion is a little thicker, soft, sitting will be more comfortable. But if the study of yoga is a beating-based power yoga or Ashtanga yoga, the mat not only can not be too hard, the requirements of skid-slip is also higher. Why is it? Because the mat is too soft, standing on top do a lot of action will be very difficult to do (especially in the tree-like balance of the action of the most obvious).

And this kind of yoga that will sweat a lot, if there is no better mat, it will slip phenomenon. If the action is not so static, and does not flow as much sweat as running, is in between the two, which kind of cushion is good? The answer is "choose a little thinner". Because like a very soft suspension system of cars, Kaiyan Road will be like a boat, thick mat (5mm above) loss of contact with the ground feeling, do a lot of action will have "distortion" feeling. In foreign countries, most yoga practitioners love to use thin cushions, that's the truth. If you feel that the mat is doing some kneeling action, knee discomfort, it is possible to cushion the towel at the knee.