The Material Of The Yoga Mat
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Even if you are a beginner in yoga, it is best not to use Eva-grade yoga mats. If you just want to practice yoga then buy PVC foam material, good elasticity, and anti-slip, price is also very moderate, there are yoga bags, but also easy to carry.

Even if it takes a long time, it is not a pity to put those small bumps on the foam, and then change a good one, convenient and affordable.

Low-end EVA material Eva is a hard foam, most used in the manufacture of soles, the smell is heavier, such as the thick base of the muffin shoes used that material. The current yoga brick also belongs to this material, but for yoga mat is not very good, its elasticity is poor, anti-slip effect is poor, but because of its low price, or even 10 yuan, 20 yuan can buy, so in the market is not without sales.

So buyers need to carefully identify the material in order to avoid the purchase of unsafe yoga mats.

Mid-end PVC foaming Material The yoga mat made of PVC foam is the most common yoga mat material at present. PVC chemical name is poly chloride B, in the luggage, wire and other daily necessities are used in the manufacture. PVC material does not have a special chemical odor, even if there is a rubber-like odor. PVC foam material itself is harmless to the human body, is harmful to use two times material (recycled material) in the manufacture of materials. PVC Foam Material Yoga mat elasticity is very good, also very anti-slip, tiled on the ground is very Vote, price moderate, so in the market is very marketable. 80% of yoga mats are now made of PVC foam. This type of PVC foam yoga mat sold in the market to 40 yuan-90 yuan range, more moderate.