What Are Your New Year's Resolutions For 2019?
- Jan 29, 2019 -

Eline Lee(China)

It is easy to make new year's resolutions but quite hard to stick to them. In 2019, I will exercise more, eat healthily and keep a good balance between life and work. Coaches at Chenhong prepare for a yoga class, which uses movements from yoga, as well as pilates positions.

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Blair Sun(China)

My new year's resolution for 2019 is getting my English skill improved. In 2019, I want to learn more and practise more, I can communicate with all my customers better and easier. I know it is tough but I will keep working.

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Micheal (China)

I will spend quality time with my family and friends as much as I can. I just spend a lot of time staring at my phone without being aware how fast time flies.

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I'm planning to travel to more foreign countries and meet different people. Life is short and the world is wide. We should enjoy every moment of it.

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Penny Pan (China)

I'm not a fan of new year's resolutions, but I decided that I would read more books. Not a book a month, but a book a week – 52 books by year’s end.

Happy New Year!

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