• Foam Balance Pad

    Foam Balance Pad

    Balance pad is used for balancing exercise, yoga, rehabilitation training. To improve balance ability. Balance pad is high elasticity which material is eco-friendly TPE/EVA. Our balance pad have passed CE, REACH, and the quality is warranted. And balance pad designed...Read More
  • High Quality Balance Pad

    High Quality Balance Pad

    Balance pad is an accessory device of yoga exercise. Balance pad can be used in many fields, such as balance training, harmonious training, pose training and proprioceptive training, etc. However, the quality of balance pad is important in the process of yoga exercises, or...Read More
  • TPE Foam Balance Pad

    TPE Foam Balance Pad

    Foam yoga balance pad is a sort of yoga auxiliary device. TPE is one of materials of foam yoga balance pad. When yoga practicers want to be further, the most hardest problem is coming from the slip of pad which practicers stand on. And the best yoga balance pad should not a...Read More
  • Colourful Exercise Ball

    Colourful Exercise Ball

    Yoga ball is a kind of exercise auxiliary device for yoga exercise or pilate or other exercises. The material of yoga ball is usually made of PVC. PVC material has the characteristics of soft and durable. Yoga ball with full air will massage every body’s part and promote the...Read More
  • Yoga Balance Ball
  • Exercise PVC Yoga Ball

    Exercise PVC Yoga Ball

    Strong Anti-slip PVC material, Ideal for strengthening and toning your overall body muscle. Helps yoga lovers to improve the ability of balance, co-ordination, flexibility and circulation. Both indoor and outdoor can be use, and ideal area for using is at home, in the office...Read More
  • Custom Printed Yoga Ball

    Custom Printed Yoga Ball

    We all know that yoga is beneficial to our bodies and spirits. But refer to some yoga practicers, some necessary yoga auxiliary devices are important. Yoga ball is one of the yoga auxiliary devices. There is no doubt that yoga ball can improve the effect of yoga exercises and...Read More
  • 120cm Exercise Yoga Ball

    120cm Exercise Yoga Ball

    Yoga ball as an auxiliary device of yoga exercise which can help yoga practicer’s poses to achieve a further level. The yoga ball usually is made of PVC material. PVC material is soft and durable. The yoga poses with yoga ball can massage body’s muscles to ease body’s...Read More
  • EPP Massage Yoga Ball

    EPP Massage Yoga Ball

    EPP is the hottest material for its unique and superior performance. EPP has great ability of reducing pressure and absorbing scatter power. Massage ball can help the yoga exercise to be more easier and effective. In addition, it can relax the body and relieve the tension of...Read More
  • High Quality Massage Ball

    High Quality Massage Ball

    Massage ball is an accessory device for yoga practicers. The massage ball can assist practicers to have a better effect in yoga exercises, thereby the yoga practicers can achieve a good shape and the peace of spirit. A kind of high quality massage ball is the first choice...Read More
  • Half Balance Ball

    Half Balance Ball

    Yoga half balance ball is an auxiliary device of yoga exercise. There are many advantages on yoga half balance ball. Yoga exercise can bring you good shape and nice balance of body. It can be used in rehabilitation training. Yoga practicers can do yoga exercise indoor,...Read More
  • Half Exercise Ball

    Half Exercise Ball

    Do you want to have a good shape? Do you want to keep fitness? Do you want to come into the spirit of peace?Come and do yoga exercise. Half yoga ball is an accessory of yoga. Half yoga ball can assist you achieve it. Order in bulk is available. Welcome to place orders!Read More