Yoga Mat

  • Blue Folding Yoga Mat

    Blue Folding Yoga Mat

    Yoga mat is an accessory of yoga or pilates. Folding yoga mat is very convenient to carry. When doing some yoga exercises outdoor or having a camp, the folding yoga mat is a good choice.Read More
  • PU+rubber Yoga Mat

    PU+rubber Yoga Mat

    PU is a kind of popular material to product anti slip yoga mat. PU anti slip yoga mat can not be corroded, which can be exploded in the sunlight for a long time without any damage. In addition, it is non toxic and eco friendly that yoga exercises can be done without any worries.Read More
  • High Quality Suede Fabric Yoga Mat

    High Quality Suede Fabric Yoga Mat

    Suede fabric is a very popular material in China. Due to its non toxic and beautiful design, it becomes more and more attractive. When doing yoga exercise, it can keep you a pleasure emotion. And its back is made of natural latex which has a good quality of anti slip. Both...Read More
  • TPE Yoga Mat 6mm

    TPE Yoga Mat 6mm

    TPE material is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. Made from premium TPE material which is non-toxic. Protecting safely your hands and feet during yoga exercises.Read More
  • Fitness TPE Yoga Mats

    Fitness TPE Yoga Mats

    TPE is the top-grade product of yoga mat. It is free of chloride and metal elements. It also has the function of anti-static. The weight of every mat is about 1200 grams which is lighter than the mat made of PVC. The surface of yoga mat is even granule, full bubble, soft...Read More
  • Black TPE Yoga Mat

    Black TPE Yoga Mat

    TPE is a kind of eco-friendly material made from raw rubber. The TPE yoga mat has the feature of comfortable, healthy and soft. In addition, the TPE yoga mat is water-proof well, which can be washed with water and use it again after being wiped dry. The anti-slip texture of...Read More
  • Double Layers TPE Yoga Mat

    Double Layers TPE Yoga Mat

    Double layers tpe yoga mat use two different tpe material of anti-slipped texture, and between two is a layer of anti-tear net which can avoid the possibility of tear by user. The yoga mat elects good eco-friendly tpe materials which are comfortable, healthy and soft. What’s...Read More
  • Cork Rubber Yoga Mat

    Cork Rubber Yoga Mat

    Cork rubber yoga mat is made up of good raw rubber and high quality log of cork oak. There are three parts to get finished products. Bits of cork oak need six months to wipe off moisture by sun and wind, then disinfecting bits of cork oak by cooking and air drying the bits of...Read More
  • Cork TPE Yoga Mat

    Cork TPE Yoga Mat

    Cork tpe yoga mat is made of cork and tpe. It possesses the characteristics both cork and tpe. Both are eco-friendly material. It can not only relieve the tension of muscles, but also prevent body from hurts. Order in bulk is available. Welcome to place orders!Read More
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