Yoga Pad

  • Anti Slip Pad

    Anti Slip Pad

    Anti-slip balance pad is a accessory device in the process of yoga exercises. Anti-slip balance pad is designed to prevent yoga practicers from the slipping as they do yoga. The vein of anti-slip balance pad’s surface usually is rhombus. Of course, other veins is available...Read More
  • Balance Pad for Exercise

    Balance Pad for Exercise

    The balance pad has a spongy softness and compressibility of tyre.It can strethen person's balance ability, meanwhile, it can undertake core practice and rehabilitation training. It also can be used to massage back, hip, foot. Besides, it can be put on sitting chair, foot...Read More
  • Eco-friendly Balance Pad

    Eco-friendly Balance Pad

    Eco-friendly balance pad is a kind of auxiliary device of yoga exercise. It is made from eco-friendly material which is non-toxic and soft. Bringing users a safe and comfort environment when they do exercises. Balance pad can give yoga practicers a good environment and help...Read More
  • Embossed Balance Pad

    Embossed Balance Pad

    Balance pad is one of the yoga auxiliary device. No doubt, it can help yoga practicers achieve various kind of poses. Our products can be embossed any logo whichever you like. Our products have passed the certification of CE, REACH and ROHS. And our products’ quality is...Read More
  • Foam Balance Pad

    Foam Balance Pad

    Balance pad is used for balancing exercise, yoga, rehabilitation training. To improve balance ability. Balance pad is high elasticity which material is eco-friendly TPE/EVA. Our balance pad have passed CE, REACH, and the quality is warranted. And balance pad designed...Read More
  • High Quality Balance Pad

    High Quality Balance Pad

    Balance pad is an accessory device of yoga exercise. Balance pad can be used in many fields, such as balance training, harmonious training, pose training and proprioceptive training, etc. However, the quality of balance pad is important in the process of yoga exercises, or...Read More
  • TPE Foam Balance Pad

    TPE Foam Balance Pad

    Foam yoga balance pad is a sort of yoga auxiliary device. TPE is one of materials of foam yoga balance pad. When yoga practicers want to be further, the most hardest problem is coming from the slip of pad which practicers stand on. And the best yoga balance pad should not a...Read More
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