Yoga Balance Pads For Physical Therapy Foam Pad Of Versatile Fitness, Rehab Tool, Kneeling Pad Or Standing Mat

Chenhong balance pads are great for balance, mobility, stability and motor-skill training. You can use them for balance training or to perform squats, lunges, push-ups, one-leg bicep curls with ultimate comfort. Chenhong Balance pads are helpful for sport-related injuries or surgery recovery because they engage more of your stabilizing muscles in the feet to stand on. Non-slip soft surface provides better support during physical therapy.

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1. Strong, Durable Construction

The close-cell foam construction and textured surface ensure a stable anti-slip platform for you to practice on. Soft & super cushioned pad provides comfort while exercising even on bare foot.

2. Soft, Comfortable Foam

Super soft and durable EVA foam adds more durability & safety. Stability pads feature tear-resistant material and close-cell foam construction for constant use over a long time.

3. Safe & Convenient

Microbe, Latex–Free. Easy to clean, light-weight and convenient for storage and transport. 


Chenhong Balance Pad is an excellent stability trainer for all fitness levels, especially designed to also cater for seniors who want to improve balance, coordination, strength, core muscles, motor-skill training, overall stability and help prevent injuries. It is a practical companion exercise pad to increase the difficulty of common exercises like lunges, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and yoga poses. 


The destabilizing properties of the closed cell EVA Foam make Chenhong Balance Pad excellent tool to improve motor skills and balance. The Pad comes with tear-resistant feature to provide comfort and superb cushioning. The Balance Pad features with a textured, non-slip surface which prevents slipping and sliding during your practice. 


Chenhong can accept customized size for you to choose the best one for your workout. Small size is lightweight and portable, easily to stash into your gym bag for a free practice at anywhere and anytime. Large size is ideal to use at home or Gym, great to support for your training program with its bigger surface. 


1. Standard size: 15.7” L x 19.7” W x 2.4” H

2. Color: Blue, Black, Purple, customized colors are acceptable.

3. Weight: 420g±20g

4. Material: high quality closed cell foam sweat proof TPE material

5. Tear-resistant foam for long-time use

6. Great for balance, mobility, standing stability, and motor-skill training

7. Improve joint stability through moderate instability


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