Yoga Roller

  • 2 in 1 Foam Roller

    2 in 1 Foam Roller

    Yoga foam roller is characterized of light weight and high resilience and can help yoga practicers to finish various movements. 2 in 1 yoga foam roller is more firm than signal foam roller and it is less possible to be broken. There are different colors and sizes for you. And...Read More
  • 3 in 1 Foam Yoga Roller

    3 in 1 Foam Yoga Roller

    Yoga rollers have the characteristics of light in weight and enough resilience in material. 3 in 1 foam yoga roller consists of three parts. They are a big yoga foam roller, a small foam roller and a massage stick. One product deserves three products. 3 in 1 foam yoga roller...Read More
  • EPP Yoga Roller

    EPP Yoga Roller

    EPP product has good ability of anti-knock and absorb energy. And EPP product has a high quality elasticity which can recover after shape changed. EPP product can reduce the impact force greatly for its light weight. EPP product also is a eco-friendly material. EPP product...Read More
  • EVA Massage Yoga Roller

    EVA Massage Yoga Roller

    Enhance balance, pilates core abdominal, back stabilization, body awareness, muscle re-education, flexibility,and dynamic strength.Read More
  • High Quality EVA Foam Roller

    High Quality EVA Foam Roller

    EVA foam yoga roller is light and resilient. A high quality EVA foam yoga roller can help yoga practicer to achieve balancing movements well. When practicer exercises yoga poses, a high quality yoga roller can release the tension of muscles avoiding someone to hurt her/his...Read More
  • EVA Foam Roller 90cm

    EVA Foam Roller 90cm

    90cm EVA yoga foam roller is with the feature of light weight and good resilience. EVA yoga foam roller can protect body effectively which makes you enjoy the joy of yoga fully. The color of yoga roller is customized, choosing any color which you like. So are sizes. Yoga...Read More
  • EVA Foam Roller 60cm

    EVA Foam Roller 60cm

    Yoga foam roller is characterized of light weight and high resilience. The yoga foam roller has many functions and there are seven functions followed: 1,improve the imbalance among muscles; 2,increase the extent of the movement of joints; 3,enhance the validity of muscles;...Read More
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